St. Andrew’s United Church

In 2010, St. Andrew’s United Church decided to plant a small vegetable garden on the front lawn of the church.  We feel that institutions like ours who have buildings and property as assets should be using them to support the larger community in some way.St. Andrew's United Church garden 1
St. Andrew’s building has always been used for all kinds of community groups from ACT team gatherings to the Choral Society and support groups.  Why not use the front lawn to grow produce?  So the garden was planted and the produce goes to the Gathering Place – our neighbourhood soup kitchen.

St. Andrew's United Church garden 2
A small group of volunteers plants, weeds, cultivates, waters and harvests.  We have a great time and the Church school kids have now joined us planting tomatoes, potatoes, squash and other goodies in a small garden by the back of our building.  We love that the young folks are caring for God’s creation while they plant a row for folks in need.

Contact – Jane Howe, (705) 472-7680,


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