The Gathering Place Garden

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The Gathering Place Garden is located at the corner of Algonquin Avenue and McLaren St.  It occupies the old railway right of way that was recovered by the City of North Bay several years ago.

The garden opened in June, 2012 and is under the supervision of the Executive Director of The Gathering Place, North Bay’s Community Soup Kitchen and the oversight of the Board of DirectorsCovering about one third of an acre, the garden is a mixture of field beds and raised beds, allowing individuals with various levels of ability to participate in gardening.

The purpose of the garden is to provide a supply of fresh, locally produced vegetables and fruit for The Gathering Place, North Bay’s Community Soup Kitchen, with any surplus produce being distributed to local food security groups and directly to those in need.





For more information, please contact The Gathering Place at 705-474-7687 or email the garden manager at


2 Responses to The Gathering Place Garden

  1. Alana Gustafson says:

    I currently volunteer for food prep and serve and would like to work in the garden as well. Can you please e mail me the sign up schedule or advise how to proceed.


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