Widdifield’s Courtyard Garden

widd garden 2     widd garden fixed

Widdifield has established a five year plan to remodel their courtyard.  Their vision is to create green space that includes a variety of spring and fall blooming perennials, berries, and vegetables.  Our students have been involved in a grassroots fashion from planning the vision to planting the flowers and vegetables.  Each summer, our students harvest the vegetables and use some in our hospitality program but donate most to The Gathering Place.

It is truly a whole school effort because of the course of the five years, each class will have an opportunity to participate and leave their mark.  There are opportunities to paint, plant, maintain gardens, build, fundraise, design, all in effort to leave their mark on their school for their future.

To date, we are in year two and are designing our gardens.  Year three, four, and five will include more art work, building a gazebo and flower boxes, putting in a butterfly garden and another rain garden.

Some of  our accomplishments we are most proud of include the building of a greenhouse, developing a solar panel operated pump system attached to rain barrels, and art murals created by our art classes.

We hope to have a grand opening at the end of our five year plan and all volunteers will be invited as well as members of the community and media.


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